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Contour Wrap Brow Pencil

The Contour Wrap Brow Pencil Lena Levi professional waterproof eyebrow pencil gives eyebrows the perfect form. It guarantees delicate blending, easy application and stunning color saturation. The Lena Levi pencil is produced in a special paper casing that makes it simple to sharpen the pencil even without a sharpener. This makes the pencil incredibly convenient to use.

For thin lines, the pencil can be sharpened in a special way using a blade.

The Lena Levi pencil color palette includes seven luxurious shades for any natural eyebrow color. Lena Levi pencils are waterproof, don’t lose their color, and don’t run for 16 hours.

Our colors:

#01 Ebony

#02 Brown

#03 Chocolate

#05 Blonde

#06 Ash Blonde

#09 Taupe

#10 Dark Brown

Directions for use:

Using a special brush, comb the eyebrows from the insides to the outsides.

Using the pencil, draw an outline of the desired shape, then fill the space within the outline with soft strokes. Pay special attention to the base of the eyebrows: the better you blend the pencil on this area, the more natural the result will be.

Use Shape&Color Setting Brow Mascara Lena Levi to set flyaway hairs into place.


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