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Ombre Eyebrow Color Pomade

Ombre Eyebrow Color Pomade is a highly-pigmented liquid pomade for the eyebrows that fills the space between the hairs, creating and fixing the desired form. The convenient creamy texture provides a smooth application and a dense graphic coating, and is denser than when using Brow Shadow Lena Levi.

The pomade is water resistant and stays on eyebrows for up to 16 hours, regardless of skin type.

The color palette of Lena Levi liquid pomade for eyebrows includes six shades for any colored eyebrows.

Our colors:

#201 Taupe

#202 Medium Brown

#203 Brunette

#204 Dark Brown

#205 Ash Brown

#206 Graphite

Directions for use:

Using a special brush, comb the eyebrows from the insides to the outsides. Using an angled brush, apply a small amount of pomade on the upper contour of the eyebrow, and then on the bottom. Fill within the lines, carefully working out the problem areas of the eyebrow and the skin under the hairs.

We recommend not waiting to do shading, as the pomade sets in quickly.


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