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Lotion for removing henna BH Brow Henna

Lotion for removing henna BH Brow Henna delicately removes dry layers of henna, without washing out the color of hairs and skin. Soft composition and light moisturizing effect allows the lotion to competently finish the staining procedure, regardless of the complexity and type of skin.

Mode of application

Distribute the required amount of lotion to a cotton pad.

Gently pat the eyebrow.

Delicately remove the layer of henna.

If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Ingredients: 0.9% sodium chloride, containing 9 g of active substance and distilled water, hypertonic 10% solution containing 100 g of active substance; perfumery composition "tropical duo & nbsp; pineapple and coconut."

Date of manufacture: see Packing

Shelf life: 12 months after opening the package.

The product was made by order and under the trademark bh brow henna. Manufacturing: Russia. Www.lbmarket.ru


Out of stock