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Levchuk Lash Couture

Levchuk Lash Couture is a brand which offers products for eyelash extension and false eyelashes.

False eyelashes are made from solid hypoallergenic materials. The product line is represented with strip eyelashes and bunches for eyelash high-volume extension which help speed up the extension procedure. Perfect eyelash curl, comfort when wearing and working make the Levchuk Lash Couture false eyelashes special.

Levchuk Lash Couture false eyelashes are the choice of the girls who want to create an expressive look fast. Makeup specialists use these false eyelashes for bright looks. The line includes eyelashes which imitate classic and high-volume extension as well. The eyelash adhesive tape doesn’t irritate eyes. Eyelashes are worn during the day. False eyelashes can be applied up to 30 times when properly used.

The “Levchuk Lash Couture” trademark № 615216. Using the trademark without the rightholder permission is prohibited.