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Additional care product for eyebrows. 100 % natural henna without additives.

Recovery spa-treatment for eyebrows, we recommend to have treatment 1 time per week.

·         Recovers and stimulates growth on new hair, has positive effect on skin in eyebrow area

·         After usage hair become stronger and silky, the skin becomes moisturized.

·         Colorless henna BH BROW HEALTH HENNA is ideally suitable for natural thick eyebrows and for poor and thin eyebrow.s

·         Does not have tinting effect.

·         Has nice herbal flavor.

·         Can be used directly before BH Brow Henna tinting treatment.

·         Does not wash off freshly made henna tinting, but it is advisable to apply 24 hours after BH Brow Henna tinting.


·         Henna should be mixed with boiling hot water in non-metallic  cap – the content of sachet should be mixed with 1 tea spoon of boiled hot water, carefully mixed till thick consistency. Wait the mixture to cool down till convenient temperature.

·         Apply with beveled brush  on clean eyebrow area. We advise to make easy peeling before treatment.

·         For better effect we advise to make eyebrow area warm

·         The application time is 10-20 minutes, after can be washed off with water or BH Brow Henna Clean Lotion,

·         Apply BH Brow Oil as final step.

Volume: 0.1 ml.

Ingredients: Lawsonia inermis egyptian leaves extract,

Stored outside reach of children.

Shelf life: 1 year.


In stock