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Shape&Color BrowXenna®️ online course


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    • Shape&Color BrowXenna®️

      Shape&Color BrowXenna®️ is an intensive training program for brow artists incorporating the core principles of the "Eyebrow Architecture" courses and those BrowXenna®️ persistent staining techniques.

      Course program

      • The rules to organize your workplace
      • A brow stylist job Everything you need to know about eyebrows, an eyebrow analysis. The procedure cost. The rules to organize your workplace.
      • Eyebrow symmetry
      • A proper treatment of tools and cleanliness in the workplace: disinfection, sterilization. The methods of hair removal, the rules for the use of tweezers, hand positioning. Eyebrow symmetry: techniques and secrets.
      • The basics of eyebrow coloring
      • The control lines and points. The ideal eyebrows construction formula. BrowXenna®️ for eyebrow coloring - introduction to the product. The basics of eyebrow coloring.
      • Selecting the dye and shade intensity. Eyebrow coloring techniques and patterns: classical, corrective, ombre. The principles of working with eyebrow henna BrowXenna®️
      • Model-based skill training
      • The rules of eyebrow care after staining. Contraindications. Constructing eyebrow in a workbook, error analysis. A model-based coloring procedure demonstration performed by a trainer.


      The price of the course includes Starter kit with products but doesn't include delivery. Delivery cost will need to be paid additionally, it is calculated based on the region.

      Starter kit:

      1. Lena Levi pencil
      2. BrowXenna®️ glass cup
      3. Blade razor
      4. Threading thread 4m
      5. BrowXenna®️white paste
      6. BrowXenna®️ tweezer
      7. BrowXenna®️ brush#2 and #0
      8. BrowXenna®️ two phase tonic 30ml
      9. BrowXenna®️ ruler
      10. BrowXenna®️ shampoo 30ml
      11. BrowXenna®️ mineral solution 30ml
      12. Eyebrow henna  BrowXenna®️, mini sachets *3pcs each: 
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