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Pigment Cream Slide&Tap

Slide&Tap pigments for microblading are the first European pigments developed for all skin types. The pigments are created using an exclusive formula, thanks to which the concentration of the colorant reaches 80%. Ideal viscosity makes it possible to achieve various effects, such as fine, natural-looking hair, a light “smoky” look, ombré, velvet shading, or precise graphical contours. The pigment is firmly fixed between the needles, ensuring an even result from the first pass without gaps and spaces. Slide&Tap pigments don’t dry out during the work process, which makes them very convenient to use.

The Slide&Tap pigment color palette includes 20 different shades for any skin color type. Slide&Tap pigments are suitable for both hair and shade microblading techniques.

The ergonomic packaging is designed in such a way that all of the pigment can be fully used. Moreover, the Slide&Tap packaging comes with an additional protective cover which guarantees that your workspace stays clean throughout the process. Slide&Tap pigments go through three levels of sterility, making them the safest pigments on the market for microblading.


Cool color palette

No.123 Black Onyx – a rich black color. Very suitable for filling in the space between the eyelashes when making winged eyeliner. Can be used for darkening any other pigment. We recommend adding a small amount of No.040 Orange Amber to avoid creating a shade that’s too cold.

No.303 Dark Cashmere — a mixed grey-brown shade. A perfect fit for women with chestnut hair. This pigment can be used for microblading when filling in space between the eyelashes.

No.311 Wet Earth — a dark brown shade. One of the cold palette colors. Works well for people whose skin has a large amount of melanin (African American, Indian, Spanish, Asian, Mediterranean skin types). Takes on a soft black shade after healing. Creates a fabulous smoky effect when filling in space between the eyelashes.

No.431 Espresso — a pigment with a rich coffee color. After healing, acquires a noble chestnut shade. Part of the cold color palette.

No.501 Frosty Truffle — a beautiful dark shade. Suitable for skin not lighter than type 2 on the Fitzpatrick scale, such as dark-complexioned and Asian-type women. Convenient for filling the space between the eyelashes (winged).

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Neutral color palette

No.513 Bitter Coffee — a rich neutral warm color, works for all skin types except for the 1st skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale. Suitable for creating dark chocolate-brown hairs, soft shades of amber hue, and for customers with chocolate highlights in their hair ranging from dark to light. Can also be used in a mix with lighter shades.

No.600 Mocco Mocco— a light brown natural shade. Part of the neutral color palette. Suitable for all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale.

No.603 Hazelnut — a neutral natural color. Part of the neutral color palette. Suitable for customers with any skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale, as well as for working with the powder dusting and hair techniques.

No.700 Cinnamon — calm brown tint. Part of the neutral color palette. Not recommended to be used in its pure form on clients with a reddish skin tone.

No.731 Cappuccino — a neutral warm shade for skin types 2-3 on the Fitzpatrick scale. Suitable for women with a hair tone ranging from light to dark, with a chocolate or chestnut tint.

No.880 Coffee Cream — a neutral cold shade. Part of the neutral color palette. Suitable for ash blondes (or hair with grayish coloring) and women with very light skin (types 1-2 on the Fitzpatrick scale).

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Warm color palette

No.743 Hot Chocolate — soft brown tint. Part of the warm color palette. Suitable for middle- and dark-red haired girls with green / hazel / brown / amber eyes.

No.813 Pearl Almond — part of the warm color palette. Works well for women with skin types 1-2 on the Fitzpatrick scale with dark blond, slightly chestnut or golden-ashy hair. Recommended for shadow microblading techniques.

No.930 Golden Caramel — a warm shade with golden tint. Part of the warm color palette. Suitable for skin with a slightly cold shade, as well as for clients with golden ashy hair or auburn hair who want to soften the color.

No.934 Brown Sugar — a warm, sunny blond. Looks ideal on very cold light skin. On neutral or warm skin, can get extremely warm.

No.1032 Virgin Blonde — golden ash color, the lightest tone for eyebrows in the warm palette. Suitable for women with white skin (types 1 and 2 on the Fitzpatrick scale) and very light colored hair. This shade is also suitable for lightening or softening the pigment. Used in powder techniques, as well as in the Slide & Tap technique.

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No.010 Quartz Beige masks and hides small errors committed when working. Before use, the corrector should be mixed with water at a 1:1 ratio. Apply to very small areas, up to 3-4 mm.

No.020 Green Tourmaline neutralizes red or salmon shades from old permanent makeup. To do this, dilute the pigment 1:1 and use it to strictly cover the makeup. Can be used to neutralize red-containing pigments.

No.030 Yellow Topaz brightens the color of the pigment, while practically not changing the shade at all. It can also be applied over healed, overly-darkened permanent makeup.

No.040 Orange Amber neutralizes undesirable blue, sky blue and gray nuances when administering microblading. It must be diluted with essence or a sterile water solution. During microblading the contours of the eyelids, this color is added to black pigment to prevent the appearance of blue tones.



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