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27 August 2019

Cultural Codes

This year in May BrowXenna® team has been at the exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is a wonderful country, where we were impressed with amazing weather and unforgettable views. Women in Malaysia are modern and open to everything new from the beauty world, despite the strict religious rules. At the exhibition, we made a lot of beautiful looks and got a lot of smiles in return.


BrowXenna® team loved Southeast Asia so much that in August we returned and made a two-weeks tour around Malaysia and Singapore. The special training program included the acquaintance with BrowXenna® products, “Shape&Color BrowXenna®” course and intensive studying at the united “Browchitecture” course.


Opening new countries, meeting people and learning more about their culture, we, as a company, become better and closer to our partners. Now BrowXenna® products have Halal Certificate! This document confirms that the products do not contain prohibited components for Muslims and comply with all Islamic canons.