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20 May 2020

Do you want to learn how to build perfect eyebrows, improve your services, and make more money? BrowXenna® Team start FREE «All about BrowXenna® eyebrow» online marathon on Facebook. From May 20 till 29, 2020 ten BrowXenna® Brand Trainers and Technologists will share their skills and knowledge about Eyebrow architecture and coloring technics.

During live streams, you will know more about shaping and coloring eyebrows, new BrowXenna® innovative products, and how to use them for different types of girls.

You have also a great opportunity to win the main prize from BrowXenna® Team — 4 Online Eyebrow Courses which include:

  • BrowXenna® coloristics
  • Oxygen O2 Smart dyeing system
  • BrowXenna® eyebrow lamination
  • BrowXenna® Waxing System