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20 May 2020

BrowXenna® Team invites eyebrow masters for intensive training courses which include such kind of topics as:

  • BrowXenna® coloristics
  • Oxygen O2 Smart dyeing system
  • BrowXenna® eyebrow lamination
  • BrowXenna® Waxing System

During our trainings eyebrow artist will learn how to create precise lines with henna BrowXenna®, to get a fluffy eyebrow look with BrowXenna® lamination system, to create trendy eyebrow with Oxygen O2 and to master all eyebrow correction techniques. BrowXenna® online classes also include practice demonstrations on live models, live feedback, and individual online practice sessions. All participants will also get discounts on BrowXenna® products.

Take advantage of the special offer and buy all classes with a 50% discount until May 30 right now: https://experts.browxenna.com/online-course


Learn from the world’s best eyebrow professionals!

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