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4 July 2019

Join BrowXenna® team!

BrowXenna® team members organize off-site courses and do workshops all over the world, they represent the brand at international exhibitions and have a lot of special offers from BrowXenna®.

Would you like to join BrowXenna® team? Here are all available options:

  • Become Premium Brow-artist BrowXenna®. Premium Brow-artist is a talented eyebrow architecture artist certified by the Lash&Brow Design Academy, as brow-artists in the Lash&Brow industry.
  • Become Brand Trainer BrowXenna®. Brand Trainer is a Premium Brow-artist BrowXenna® who successfully completed Shape&Color BrowXenna® course for trainers and passed the exam. Brand Trainers can do the Shape&Color BrowXenna® course for their students.
  • Become Premium Brand Trainer. Premium Brand Trainer is a certified trainer, who trained more than 25 students and passed certification according to Academy standards with the right to teach Shape&Color BrowXenna® courses and to certify new Brand Trainers.
  • Become Lash&Brow Academy business resident.


To learn the details for each stage please e-mail us: