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BrowXenna® Starter kit



In stock


    • Are you a beginner in Brow Artist profession and don't know what products you need to get started? BROW BOX BrowXenna® already has everything you need! With this kit you will learn how to perform the henna and dyeing procedure: properly prepare the skin for dyeing, make markings, mix and apply the dye, mix shades of dye. Get started with BrowXenna® premium materials!

      Who needs a BROW BOX BrowXenna®?

      1. Brow Artists-Beginners

        Everything for the perfect coloring procedure in one kit. You don't need to think what to buy and where to get the materials - we've already done everything for you.

      2. Brow Trainers

        Teaching a beginner? Provide students with a BrowXenna® training BROW BOX to give them an easy start in their new profession.

      3. Masters who are not yet familiar with BrowXenna® products

        Have you wanted to try BrowXenna® for a long time? BROW BOX is the perfect solution! The most popular shades of BrowXenna® henna, the legendary Oxygen J2 dye and other materials from the most famous brow-brand.

      4. For those who want to do their own eyebrow coloring at home.

        Want to experiment and find your ideal dye and shade for an affordable price? BROW BOX BrowXenna® is just what you need! Try different mixes and coloring techniques and get your perfect result.

      1. BrowXenna® henna in mini sachet 1 g.

      The most popular shades!

      • #101 Neutral Brown

        «Neutral Brown» is suitable for eyebrow tinting of light brown-haired girls. A warm brown shade is well revealed on light hairs, so it is suitable for wheat blondes and redheads.

      • #102 Cold Coffee

        «Cold Coffee» is suitable for brown-haired women with a cold hair tone. It looks perfect on girls with dark hair and brown eyes. For blondes is used with caution.

      • #106 Dust Brown Deep and soft taupe shade. The color as if slightly dusty creates a velvet tone. Suitable for any light or dark blond hair.

      • #107 Dark Earth

        Saturated dark brown shade. One of the darkest colors in the palette. Suitable for brown and dark blond hair shades, emphasizes brown eyes.

      • #202 Light Blonde

        Shade «Light Blonde» is suitable for light blondes and girls with olive skin tone. In its pure form the shade can give a light haze or look transparent on the skin.

      • #203 Light Chestnut

        Shade «Light Chestnut» is suitable for blondes with honey and golden tints of hair, as well as for brown-haired women with a light red tint of hair.

      • #205 Dark Blonde

        «Dark Blonde» is one of the most popular shades in the palette. Suitable for ashy blondes, dark blonde girls, as well as for owners of Slavic and European types of appearance.

      2. Oxygen J2 dye

      • Mini tubes 5 ml

      Black 2.07

      Graphite 3.11

      Brown 5.67

      Warm Walnut 6.42

      • Clear shade diluter

      • Cream-Activator 2,7%

      With Oxygen J2 you can get both a long-lasting tattoo effect and an airy nude. The unique Cream Diluter gives you the opportunity to create an additional 1000+ new shades. The dye lasts about 5 days on the skin and up to 4 weeks on the hair. Contains skin care ingredients.

      3. Mineral solution for henna mixing, BrowXenna® 30 ml

      BrowXenna® Mineral solution for henna mixing is developed specially for mixing it with BrowXenna® eyebrow henna. The unique formula of the mineral solution promotes high-quality and safe interaction with BrowXenna® henna for eyebrows and prolongs the durability of the tinting. Mineral solution for henna mixing, BrowXenna® does not contain impurities, additives and heavy metals.

      4. Two-phase tonic for henna washing off, BrowXenna® 30 ml

      Two-phase tonic for henna washing off is created specifically for fixing the color. BrowXenna® Tonic delicately removes dried layers of henna, without washing the color out of hair and skin. Soft composition and light moisturizing effect allow the tonic to complete tinting procedure correctly regardless of the complexity and skin type. Tonic effectively neutralizes the effect of cleansers and restores the natural ph-balance of the skin.

      5. Shampoo-foam for deep cleansing of eyebrows, BrowXenna® 30 ml

      Shampoo-foam for deep cleansing of eyebrows gently and deeply cleanses eyebrows, lashes and degreases the skin surface before the coloring procedure. Shampoo-foam has the effect of light peeling: gently removes dead skin particles, contributing to a better fixation of color. The aloe-leaf-juice moisturizes the skin and stimulates growth of eyebrows and lashes.

      6. Eyebrow ruler, BrowXenna®

      Eyebrow ruler, BrowXenna® helps to build a harmonious shape of the eyebrows both for beginners and experienced brow artists. The ruler is made of soft plastic, which makes the process of shape creation easier. The ruler has two measurement scales that start from the center. This allows to work with two eyebrows at once, achieving unique symmetry.

      7. Threading thread, BrowXenna®

      Professional antibacterial BrowXenna® thread for threading eyebrow, face and body allows you to remove unwanted hairs quickly, painlessly and effectively. Special twisting technique helps to work with hard and thick hair, while optimal thread structure provides perfect and smooth slide on skin. This tread does not damage the skin and allows to catch very short, burrowing and damaged hairs.

      8. Contour white paste for eyebrows, BrowXenna®

      Contour white paste for eyebrows, BrowXenna® is an indispensable tool when drawing a sketch of eyebrows shape before coloring. It allows to build a perfect symmetry of the eyebrows. Prevents from spreading of the coloring composition during the coloring procedure, thus protecting the skin that should not be colored. White paste has a thick, non-greasy cream consistency. Easily applied on the skin without burdening or tightening it, suitable for all skin types.

      9. Eyebrow tweezer bevel pointed manual sharpening, BrowXenna®

      High-quality material and a special shape allow the tweezers to pick up even the most "stubborn" hairs.

      10. Brush superfine, BrowXenna®

      The Brush superfine, BrowXenna® is an angled brush with elastic artificial bristles and can easily draw precise line and fine hairs. This brush is perfect for working with narrow eyebrows

      11. Contour Wrap Brow Pencil

      The Contour Wrap Brow Pencil Lena Levi professional waterproof eyebrow pencil gives eyebrows the perfect form. It guarantees delicate blending, easy application and stunning color saturation. The Lena Levi pencil is produced in a special paper casing that makes it simple to sharpen the pencil even without a sharpener. This makes the pencil incredibly convenient to use.

      12. Single-sided cosmetic blade, BrowXenna®

      The BrowXenna® pencil sharpening blade allows you to shape the rod with perfect bevels to effectively trace natural eyebrow hairs. The BrowXenna® blade is made from super-strong stainless steel that will not warp during pencil work. It is sharpened on one side only, and the other side is thickened. You won't have to contact the sharp surface, which makes it comfortable and completely safe to work with.

      13. Glass cup for henna/dye mixing, BrowXenna®

      Elegant cup for dye mixing helps the master during the procedure of eyebrows and eyelashes coloring. It is a wonderful decoration of your workplace. The cup is made of transparent tempered glass, it is easy to clean and can be used an unlimited number of times. The deepening at the base allows you to use it as an additional surface for mixing shades.

      The Box contains

      1. BrowXenna® henna in mini sachet 1 g.
        The most popular shades!
        Brunette #101, Brunette #102, Brunette #106, Brunette #107
        Blonde #202, Blonde #203, Blonde #205

      2. Oxygen J2 dye in 5 ml mini-tubes and a cream activator

      3. BrowXenna® henna mineral diluent 30ml.

      4. BrowXenna® Two-phase tonic for henna washing off 30ml.

      5. BrowXenna® Deep Cleansing Shampoo Foam 30 ml

      6. BrowXenna® Eyebrow ruler

      7. BrowXenna® Threading thread

      8. BrowXenna® Contour white paste for eyebrows

      9. BrowXenna® Eyebrow tweezer bevel pointed manual sharpening

      10. BrowXenna® Brow Brush #2

      11. BrowXenna® Glass cup for henna/dye mixing

      12. BrowXenna® Eyebrow pencil not requiring sharpening

      13. BrowXenna® Single-sided cosmetic blade

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