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Brow shadow, Lena Levi


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    • Brow shadow, Lena Levi

      Waterproof eyebrow shadow Brow shadow, Lena Levi has an incredibly silky texture, making for easy application and the most natural result possible with a matte finish. These shadows give the eyebrows a precise form, and also help fill the voids and mask the imperfections.

      The color palette of Brow shadow professional silky shadows includes five colors for any color eyebrows. The phenomenal fixidity allows the shadow to stay on the eyebrows without losing texture and color for 16 hours without repeat coloring.

      Our colors:

      #401 Taupe

      #402 Medium Brown

      #403 Ash Brown

      #404 Dark Brown

      #405 Graphite

      Directions for use:

      Using a special brush, comb the eyebrows from the insides to the outsides.

      Using an angled brush, dip it into the shadow and apply shadow to the eyebrows, carefully coloring the skin.

      Then gently brush the eyebrows again with a brush, and fixate the result with gel or wax.

      If desired, you can achieve a more saturated color by applying the shade with a damp brush. To create a beautiful contrast, you can draw the arch of the eyebrows with a luminizer or highlighter.

      Shelf life: 4 years

      Shelf life after opening: 3 months

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