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Eyebrow tweezers bevel, manual sharpening, BrowXenna®



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    • Eyebrow tweezers bevel manual sharpening, BrowXenna®

      Bevel eyebrow tweezer, BrowXenna® with a unique shape tip, are sharpened by the expert manually, which makes each tool one of a kind.

      It is important to disinfect and sterilize all instruments after each use according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

      We recommend to adress to professionals when instruments need to be sharpened – this will prevent performance degradation.

      Avoid contamination of edges and rubbing surfaces with abrasives. Use specialized cases to protect instruments in long-term storage or during transportation.

      Avoid contact between working edges of separate instruments to avoid damage to the edges.

      Do not drop or knock instruments against hard surfaces as this may cause damage to the working edges.

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