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Brow wax, BrowXenna®


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    • BrowXenna presents you a premium quality granular wax for painless depilation of eyebrows and sensitive areas of the face and body.

      Suitable for all skin types.

      Product Features:

      Synthetic composition: Our wax is made of high-quality synthetic components, which ensures its stability and durability

      Hypoallergenic: The wax formula is designed to meet the needs of sensitive skin, eliminating the risk of allergic reactions and irritations. It is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

      Melting point of 40 degrees: Wax melts at a low temperature, which makes its use as comfortable and safe as possible. You don't have to worry about possible burns or discomfort.

      Glow Face Technique: Our wax is ideal for use with Glow Face technique, providing not only hair removal, but also a gentle skin peeling. Your skin will look radiant and healthy after each procedure.

      Advantages of the work:

      • Due to the titanium dioxide in the composition, the wax adheres firmly to the hairs and removes hard, thin and short hairs from 1 mm from the first time.
      • Long-term result: the skin remains smooth for up to 4 weeks.
      • Maximum comfort in operation — melts at a temperature of 40-42° C, which eliminates the possibility of burns.
      • It hardens quickly and is removed from the skin in one motion.
      • Does not cause irritation, redness and allergies.
      • It is applied with a spatula in a thin layer, without taking into account the direction of hair growth. It does not form stretching threads, leaving no traces and stickiness.
      • Effectively removes coarse and short hairs, allowing you to use wax even for intimate depilation. The application solidification time is 5-7 seconds.
      • Cost-effective: one package of wax is enough for many procedures.

      Method of application:

      • Heat the wax in the heater to a creamy consistency
      • Clean the eyebrow area from makeup and dirt. For thorough cleansing, use BrowXenna® Lotion before depilation
      • Apply a small amount of Oil to the skin before depilation BrowXenna® or Talc BrowXenna®
      • Carefully remove excess oil with a paper towel. The skin should be soft and moisturized, but not oily.
      • Apply a small amount of wax to the skin using an applicator, regardless of the direction of hair growth. Press the applicator carefully against the skin during application.
      • Lift the edge of the application so that you can grab it when the wax "grabs". After 5-7 seconds, make sure that the wax has cooled down.
      • Fix the skin in the area of separation. Grasp the edge of the application and abruptly remove the wax in the direction opposite to the application. Repeat the procedure in the next section.
      • After depilation, treat the skin with BrowXenna® depilation Oil.

      The main mistakes when using wax:

      • The wax stretches like caramel and does not come off well.

        The reason: the wax did not have time to harden.

        Solution: dry the wax with talcum powder, wait 2-3 seconds and remove.

      • After removing the wax there are hairs left.

        The reason: the spatula with wax was not pressed enough against the skin, so the hairs did not get into the wax layer.

        Solution: apply wax to the area of skin with the remaining hairs, pressing the spatula more tightly against the depilation area.

      • After removal the wax on the edges of the application remains on the skin.

        The reason: uneven application of wax.

        Solution: form an application with the same layer in the middle and along the edges.


      Hydrogenated Polycyclopentadiene, Ethylene/Va Copolymer, Synthetic Wax, CI 77891, Microcrystalline Wax, Mica, CI 77491.

      Do not heat the wax in the microwave!

      Shelf life: 5 years

      Shelf life after opening: 5 years

      pH level: 8.0-8.1

    • Hydrogenated polycyclopentadiene, ethylene/va, copolymer, paraffin wax, cera microcristallina (microcrystalline wax), C.I. 77891 titanium dioxide, C.I. 77019 mica, C.I. 77491 iron oxide.
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