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BrowXenna Advanced course

One on one Online course via Zoom video app

Length 2 days days

Price per student $500


This course is for you if:

  • You're a beauty professional aiming to expand your service offering with BrowXenna service or looking to upgrade your service standards.
  • You have completed the basic course and still have questions on how to work with BrowXenna products. This course will answer all your questions!
  • You’re a practicing brow artist and feel like you can do more. You want to take yourself to the next level and make better eyebrows.

Key Highlights

  • 8 Modules of insightful theory
  • 2 demos (henna/brow dye)
  • 2 highly detailed hands-on practices with guidance of BrowXenna trainer
  • 2 days of focused attention to level up your skills
  • Starter Kit and 10% discount will allow you to start your business straight after the course and take advantage of a 10% discount on products on the day of training
  • Professional International Certificate awarded by BrowXenna to proudly display to show that you are certified brow pro!
  • Workbook. Starting with the basics this manual covers everything from brow mapping and color theory to understanding tinting techniques and creating perfect mixes. It is packed with illustrations, diagrams and practice pages. It is specifically designed to be a go-to for every professional brow artist



Theory and 2 demos


Student practice (2 models) under trainer supervision

Module breakdown

Module 1

Eyebrow shape

  • Face analysis to create a perfect eyebrow shape (Types of asymmetry and ways of correction, eye position and face shape)
  • Different types of eyebrow mapping

Module 2

Basic colorictics

  • Color Wheel (Primary, secondary, neutralizing colors)
  • The law of color neutralization
  • Hair tone levels and color tones

Module 3


  • Overview of henna’s ingredients (the Brunette and Blond lines)
  • How henna interacts with the hair
  • Henna coloristics and popular mixes
  • Indications and contraindications for tinting
  • Different effects in henna tinting (Graphical and natural)
  • Different application techniques (hair strokes, layers)

Module 4

Eyebrow dyes

  • The main different types of eyebrow dyes
  • How dye interacts with the hair
  • Overview of Smart Dyeinfg System products. Coloristics and top mixes
  • Eyebrow dyeing with Rainbrow
  • Stages of dyeing and application techniques
  • Gray eyebrows. Ways of dyeing

Module 5

Eyebrow lamination with LamiPlex

  • About the procedure
  • How laminating compounds work with hair structure
  • Hair properties to consider when choosing compound exposure time
  • Stages of the procedure

Module 6

Eyebrow bleaching

  • Overview of bleaching products
  • Features of dyeing bleached eyebrows
  • Stages of the procedure

Module 7

Hair removal methods

  • Tweezind
  • Threadind
  • Waxing

Module 8

Male eyebrows design

  • Basic rules of male correction
  • Mapping
  • Tinting technique